Dungeon Combat League

Welcome to the Dungeon Combat League! We at Game Box are excited to bring you the DCL on Friday nights.

The purpose of the DCL is to provide players an opportunity to play in a new way, stripping down the wonderful Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition rules set into a team combat and event system. Players will attempt to best their peers in a series of competitive dungeons with varying objectives. While combat is the focus of any competitive event, non-combat goals are also part of the game. Think of DCL matches like the MOBA’s you have played. Sometimes your team isn't suited to taking on a mounted orc paladin, so maybe breaking into and controlling the wizard’s lab will be the way you gain points this match.

Want to know more? Below are the general rules for participating in the DCL. The information for the first Season is there as well. I look forward to seeing you in the arena. Kill your characters soon.

Email your character sheet here! You can also drop off a copy at the shop, but remember the deadline!

Got questions? Use our Discord here!

The Rules


  • Sportsmanship is important. Being a good winner is just as important as being a good loser. If you are not being a good sport, the Dungeon Master (DM) for the session will give you a first warning. Second warning, and your character will be killed for the night. If you are given a third warning, you are barred from playing for the remainder of the season and your character is killed.

  • We will not tolerate any kind of racist, bigoted or derogatory comments or actions in the shop. Actions such as this will result in the player being asked to leave. The shop employee working at the time or owner will be able to have conversations with the offending party after the session regarding being able to participate in further events. There are no exceptions.

  • Be kind to others in the store and on our digital spaces. These areas are monitored by the store.

  • If there is ever an issue with another player and you can not resolve it civilly, contact a shop employee. You can use direct messaging on facebook or to Graydon in the Discord server.


  • Players will be organized into teams of two.

  • Games will last for one hour.

  • Player turns will be timed. You will have a given amount of time to declare your action, after which it is resolved by the DM. If a player cannot declare their action in the given time, they are considered to have taken no action at all.

  • Players must bring the following materials to each session; A painted miniature, any source books they are using for their character in physical form, dice, writing implements, a copy of their character sheet.

  • Painted miniatures must follow the tabletop standard or Battle Ready standard shown by Games Workshop. Pre-painted miniatures are fine. For information on this, go here.

  • Character sheets must be submitted to the DM by 6:00 PM on the Thursday prior to the DCL event. Players arriving to the event without a character sheet that has been submitted the prior night will be permitted to play using the default Peasant Hero sheet provided by the DM. Submitting a character sheet does not exempt the player from having to have a physical copy at the event. The store does not have the resources to print your character sheet, but it does sell character sheet packages on the shelf.

  • Ammo and consumable items will be tracked.

  • The variant encumbrance rules in the Player’s Handbook will be used (this is located on page 176 of the PHB). You can store items outside of the match, but will not have access to them again until the match is over.

  • Players may only create and equip their characters from the source materials for the current DCL season. Any players that deviate from this will be given a warning.

  • Players continue using the same character from match to match during the season. If the player desires, they may kill or leave their character dead at any time. They may then make a new character from scratch using the DCL season guidelines and participate the following week.

Character Creation

  • Players can only create characters using supplements that are approved for the current season.

  • Players will assign Attributes using the points system in the Player’s Handbook. (It’s on page 15) Players will have 30 points to spend on Attributes.

  • Characters will have any default gear for their class that is granted at first level.

  • Characters will only have an amount of starting gold dictated by the DCL season. This supersedes background and class gold bonuses.

  • Characters can only be awarded magic items. They cannot be purchased unless the season dictates it.

Season One

Season Length - September 13th to November 8th

Source Materials

Player’s Handbook

Character Level - 4

Hit Points - Max for character level and class.

Starting Wealth - 200 gold

Feat choices instead of ability score increases and multiclassing are allowed as per Chapter 6: Customization Options in the Player’s Handbook.

The variant human rules are used.