Dewey’s Dungeon Cleaning

A clean slate for a dirty job.


Dewey Halpin

He used to be an adventure like you, till he lost feeling in the left side of his face. Once a “Domestic Designer” for the Elite of Mughamara, Dewey had to abruptly change careers following the Expansion of Adventure Incorporated. As popular as Adventure Incorporated is in the area, they kept killing his “Elite” clientele.


We at Gamebox Videogames and Comics value our customers privacy. Entry into this game will require players to disclose some personal information in order to play in this game. We will also record audio or video of these gaming sessions on occasion for use in advertising or social media. If you do not want to be subject to these kinds of situations, please do not apply to play in Dewey’s Dungeon Cleaning. Applying to Dewey’s Dungeon Cleaning implies consent to these conditions as listed.

Who made the cut? Look here!

now hiring.jpeg

Now Hiring!

Now is your chance to join our well trained staff! Dewey’s is looking to fill six positions in our Varina office. Given the nature of our clientele and the discrete services we provide, this position will remain open to all applicants as a first come first serve basis. Benefits include:

  • A minimum salary paid weekly

  • All salvage rights for items found in areas Dewey’s is contracted to work in

  • Fast advancement based on seniority

Given the nature of the work environment, all employees of Dewey’s Dungeon Cleaning must sign a waver against death or dismemberment. Dewey’s Dungeon Cleaning is not responsible for the premature ending of employment due to work based hazards.

Interested in employment? Solve our entrance riddle to apply!

References from the FIELD



I don’t know any of these guys. Last time I saw one of these janitor people, they were running from a HUGE TIGER. Pretty funny. I’d hire them just to watch that again.



Super professional. Not only did they go into the dungeon after us, they left when we told them to! Nicest trash farmers we have ever run off!



We were chasing a noise in the woods. On of our party members turned into a giant tiger and tried to eat a little janitor. I like that they hire little people. Can I go now?

Where did these characters come from? What do they have to do with this game? Check out Adventure Incorporated! Our very favorite Dungeons and Dragons podcast run by the talented Anthony Reed. With over 140 episodes and counting, they have laid the groundwork for many a campaign world, and we will be taking heavily form elements that they have created! So please, check them out!

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