Magic the Gathering at Game Box


Wednesday EDH

Our casual Wednesday group hosed from 3PM to 8PM. Players can just show up with their EDH or Commander decks and enjoy our casual format.

This event is always free.


Friday Night Magic

The nuts and bolts of competitive Magic the Gathering. With monthly drafts and standard events, players can earn special FNM cards and potential for store credit.

Draft events are $15.00 and rares are backdrafted.

All other events are $5.00 and top scoring players get FNM promos and store credit.

Table Top Gaming

Customers can enjoy our game space free of charge, but we do do more things at night during the week! Tuesdays and Thursdays are nights for table top war games. While the main games supported are presented below, we encourage you to come in other nights of the week and do other tings in the space! Are you a modeler, painter or gamer, the space is for all. We also have a discord channel that supports these hobbies, and we encourage you to check it out. Rules questions, painting help or just looking for a game, this is a great space for you to explore.