Magic the Gathering at Game Box

As we creep into the year, the misfits at Game Box have been scheming new and interesting ways to reward players for playing the game they enjoy. In 2017, we will be starting our "Monthly Mana Pile" events. Continuing with our tradition of Wednesday EDH and Friday Night Magic, player will have a new way to complete.


Wednesday EDH

Our casual Wednesday group hosed from 3PM to 8PM. Players can just show up with their EDH or Commander decks and enjoy our casual format. A league based scoring system will help players record their victories and struggles by completing achievements. These points are then recorded at our website, data processed, then spit back as statics.

This event is always free.


Friday Night Magic

The nuts and bolts of competitive Magic the Gathering. With monthly drafts and standard events, players can earn special FNM cards and potential for store credit.

Draft events are $15.00 and rares are backdrafted.

All other events are $5.00 and top scoring players get FNM promos and store credit.