Welcome to the Gamebox Summer of War League. This league has a dual purpose. The first is to encourage players to grow their armies for Warhammer 40,000. This is in the form of a escalation league (rules below). The other is for players to hone their competitive skills for the game with match standings! We will harvest data form the escalation league and from your casual games at the shop, but be warned, escalation league points will add significantly to your overall score.

This league will have a start date of June 18th and end August 13th. The end date could change, so keep on the watch.

After we have some data, standing will be posted online and in the shop as able, stay on the watch for this as well.

A narrative escalation league for Warhammer 40,000.


Players will have paint, collect and play games in an escalation league format. The escalation league will use the Campaign points system from Chapter Approved 2018 during the game period.

Time frame.

The campaign will be broken into sections. Each section will be two weeks in length. Players will be able to add 250 points to their armies at the end of each two week period.

  • Section 1: Week 1 & 2. 500 points

  • Section 2: Week 3 & 4. 750 points

  • Section 3: Week 5 & 6. 1000 points

  • Section 4: Week 7 & 8. 1250 points

  • Section 5: Week 9. Any points

Play rules.

Players can play any style of missions they want, but use the following guidelines for list building.

Army Construction

  • Match play points are used.

  • Rules for stratagem use follow the match play rules for all missions.

  • Rules for number of detachments, data sheets and battlefield size will follow the matches play rules.

  • Kill teams for kill team matched are pulled from the entire army. Only valid choices may be used.

  • Each entry must have a unique name for the purposes of tracking experience.

Earning experience.

Units can earn experience using the rules detailed in Chapter Approved 2018. Tracking experience is done by submitting your games to the GM. Once games are submitted, you will be awarded experience to those units. You may then select any upgrades or abilities for that unit based on experience gained with the following modifiers.

  • Battle ready or tabletop standard units receive 50% more experience. Partial points are tracked, and no rounding methods will be used.

  • Any experience that would be variable (such as rolling for D3 experience) will be maxed.

  • Any experience that would be lost (such as rolling for -D3 experience) will be maxed.

  • A unit can not lose more experience in a round than it gained in a battle.

  • Units still gain experience even if wargear options change from game to game.

  • Characters earn experience as well, but gain character traits instead of battle honours. Use the experience chart provided for the number of traits you can apply to your character. See the chart below.


0-4 ++ GREEN ++ 1

5-9 ++ BLOODIED ++ 2

10-24 ++ EXPERIENCE ++ 3

25-39 ++ VETERAN ++ 4

40-59 ++ ELITE ++ 5

60+ ++ LEGENDARY ++ 6

You can email Graydon your army lists here.